Team Events

If you are interested in competing for a team or as an individual in any of the upcoming team events please contact a member of the committee. We do not have the man power to chase people for teams so you need to let us know if you are interested ASAP.

If you would like to compete for CHRC this year in any of the area qualifiers then please read the checklist below. 

  • Hats must have the new aqua hat tag for 2018 (see file below)
  • Body protectors labels must be 2009 or later (see file below)
  • 2021 membership must be paid before close of prelim entry.
  • Prelim entries close three weeks before competition but team managers will need you to have done your entry on at least a month before qualifiers to allow us time to put together our prelim entry to HQ.
  • Horse’s flu vaccine records must be correct according to Riding Club rules.
  • If any questions about this please contact a member of the CHRC committee.