Becoming a Member

We are always happy to welcome new members. We offer various types of membership from Helping, Non Helping and Associates membership.

There are many advantages of being a British Riding Club member, some of these include;

  • Access to different training opportunities available.
  • Access to local and national competitions, including area qualifiers and championships. Being a member of an affiliated riding club also gives you the opportunity to compete in inter-area and inter-club competitions.  
  • Being a member of CHRC you can compete in our yearly ‘Dressage Challenge’ and ‘Shirley Boon’ which will give you the chance of winning fantastic trophies and rosettes throughout the year. 
  • BRC members have third party insurance cover while taking part in affiliated BRC-organised events.
  • Quarterly installments of Rider magazine. Containing news, information and articles exclusively for BRC members. 
  • CHRC membership entitles you to significantly reduced entry fees to all our own events.
  • Don’t forget the opportunity to met new friends with like minded interests. 

Please click on the link below to download a membership form: