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As a CHRC member when you compete in any of our club events, you will automatically earn points that go towards either the Shirley Boon or Dressage Challenge. These are both accumulative over the period of the year.

The Shirely Boon

This is a competition that is calculated over all of our own events. Members will get points when they are placed in any class at any event. 6 points for 1st, 5 points for 2nd, 4 for 3rd and so on. All members that attend and do not get placed will receive 1 point. The members highest placing at each event will count towards this inter-club competition.
This competition is split between senior and junior members. All members placed in this competition will receive fantastic rosettes at our yearly AGM and the winners will receive trophies. 

The Dressage Challenge

There are now four Dressage Challenge shields to be won; Intro, Prelim, Novice and Elementary. Members will get points as they are placed in each class. 12 points for 1st, 10 points for 2nd and so on. A members best placing in each category counts.
The challenge shields and placing rosettes will be presented at our yearly AGM.

We also have many members trophies up for grabs at both our yearly shows.

2023 Dressage Challenge

Well done to all members who took part in our 2023 Dressage Challenge – the results are in!

2022 Shirley Boon Results

Member’s Results for 2022 Dressage Challenge

Congratulations to all the members who attended the recent Dressage Challenges at our new venue of Oaklands College Equestrian Centre.

Results for each Dressage competition are on the latest news page. Dressage Challenge results are also attached

NameHorseDC1DC2DC3June showSept showAtt pointsPlace pointsTotal pointsOveral
Kerrie HeathBailey3rd1459th
Hannah EvansSaracen1st167=4th
Kaitlyn WestBobN/P10110th
Kerrie HeathWilliam1st167=4th
Rebecca WalkerGreystoke Prince2nd1st2nd317201st
Joanna LudlumJumping 4 Joy1st3rd1st316192nd
Sophie MartindaleLatino Lucy1st2nd211133rd
Holly Butcher Coed Newyyd Oliver 2nd1568th
Liz Menzies Comanche Warrier 1st167=4th
Kerrie Heath Chance1st167=4th
Senior Shirley Boon Results
NameHorseDC1DC2DC3June showSept showAtt pointsPlace pointsTotal pointsOveral
Michealla ChuterGypsy Queen1st2nd4th314171st
Annabella ChuterPerfect Pica2nd4th28103rd
Edie ButcherWooly3rd1455th
Maddy WheatlyOrder of the Phoenix1st1674th
Ilis ButcherWooly4th1st29112nd
Junior Shirley Boon 2021